Case Study

Case StudyIn January of 2000, on a Friday night about 11:00 p.m., Clean-Tech Restoration. received a distress call from a local contractor who was at a fire at the Best Western Hotel in Peterborough. One whole wing of the hotel, approximately 18 rooms, had suffered smoke damage, with the laundry room located in the contaminated wing. Their stock of linen, blankets, towels, comforters and pillows were all contaminated.


The hotel's laundry facilities would not be able to start cleaning again until Thursday or Friday. With the hotel at full capacity for a hockey tournament starting on Thursday evening, they would need all of their linens cleaned for the entire hotel in addition to the 18 rooms affected by the fire. Everything would have to be packed up and shipped out to be cleaned and returned to the original rooms by Wednesday morning.


Clean-Tech started by calling in our staff and set up three 8-hour shifts to do laundry, running 24 hours a day for approximately three days. We identified priority linens, the hotel linens and towels required for their daily changes, and delivered those back to the hotel twice during each shift. On Saturday we began packing out each room of the 18 affected by the fire, labeling all of the drapery panels, comforters, sheets, shower curtains, etc., to be cleaned and returned to the same room. We deodorized all drapery, comforters, blankets etc. in our ozone chamber and proceeded to clean.


Clean-Tech kept in contact with the insured and the contractor to synchronize the times that the rooms affected by the fire would be ready for us to return and re-hang the drapery and remake the beds. By Thursday morning, all of the 18 rooms were ready for hotel guests coming that evening for the tournament without the knowledge that their room had been damaged by fire just 5 days earlier.

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